The Sneaky Crusades

Day 3

Into the besieged city of Ke$ha

The party awakes still hidden in the forest between Solace and the city of Que Shu

The party heads north to see the troops of the blue army surrounding the city of Que Shu. They decide to take the advice of the soldier and find the hidden tunnel through the sewer.

The Group finds the tunnel, they board a boat and travel through the tunnel which has a narrow river running through it.

Luma discovers the body of a blue soldier. It seems the army of Kiri Jolith knows about the secret tunnel.

The group comes upon a room. The group is attacked by several chokers.

After defeating the monsters they are greeted by the halfling Brooklee, who is a runner for the Red Army and the city of Que Shu. She agrees to escort them back if they can steal a bottle of booze from the tavern in the city.

Once in the city Prism convinces the tavern owner to sell the last bottle of booze in the city by making rotten potatoes magically tastey again. YAY

Istusi splits from the group and goes to the main square to find one of her mormon freak friends preaching her psycho religion. She discovers there is a sect in the city that will put them up for the night.

Prism, Kaydee, and Luma go to the castle to speak with the Queen Regent of the city — Judee. She states that she has executed one general and that the other is set to be executed tomorrow (Askall). The General Askall is currently being kept in the dungeons under the castle.

The group reunites and Istusi convinces everyone to spend the night with her freak mormon friends in the convent house.



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