The Sneaky Crusades

Day 2 of Campaign

Jerge and Thibwigildin Genesis

Party Wakes up slightly off the main road hidden in the woods. Continue to head North towards Que Shu hidden from the main road in the woods.

Approached by Thibwigildin and Jerge. Hilarity ensues. Jerge requests the party to rid a cabin of an evil spirit. Promises magical item of choice for each member from magical bag of holding.

Group goes to the cabin. Disarm trap on the front door. Enter to discover spoopy cabin, strewn with magical books.

Open basement and fight two zombies. Luma discovers on the bodies of dead zombies 20 pieces of dark magic parchment that enable corpses to become zombies. Head down basement and disarm another trap.

At end of Hall the party encounters an Allip. Defeat the Allip to discover corpse in the room in the basement. unlock chest with potions (invisibility, poison…)

Istusi takes a magic book written in abyssal — super evil — the necronomicon. Prism finds a magic book of elven magic crafting.

Party explores upstairs, finds nothing, summons Jerge. More hilarity. Party takes a magical item each from Jerge’s bag: crossbow of icy blast
unholy dagger
boots of dancing
staff of spell storing
Intelligent item Thaddeus — glasses of script reading

Prism puts on the cursed dancing boots, more dancing hilarity. Jerge appears and takes them off.

The party goes back on the main road — Prism tricks THIB to put on magic boots. THIB begins dancing uncontrollably and screaming. Jerge appears and takes THIB away.

Party encounters Order of Majere checkpoint (red army) on the main road. Talk to soldier with knowledge of underground sewer tunnel into besieged city of Que Shu — Soldier tells party that Que Shu is under siege by blue army (the city is controlled by the red army). The Blue Army is trying to negotiate the release of 4 of their top generals that were captured.

Party sets up camp in woods off main road. They are now a half days travel from Que Shu.

LEVEL UP TO LEVEL 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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