Prism Bluesky

Forest Gnome Druid


Height – 3’5’’
Weight – 55lbs
Age – 55
Eyes – red
Hair – green
Skin – bark


Prism comes from the foothills of the Qualinesti forest. Prism was taken in by a village of half-elf druids when his parents were killed by a band of orca raiders from a settlement to the west. Living with the larger elves was a challenge for Prism until he learned to be one with the forest like them. As a right of passage in the village, when a child reaches young adulthood, they must go off on their own and survive in the forest for a year, then once they return to the village, they are an adult and can begin the training to become a Master of the Woods. Within the first month of his trial, Prism came across a snake nest inhabited only by a single egg and the pieces of what appeared to be the mother. Prism took the egg and once it hatched, Prism and Hank were bffeaeaeaeaeae.

After the year was finished, Prism returned to the village, but when he arrived, ashes were the only remains. In the center of the village was a stake from which hung a tattered flag with a flaming gauntlet, the symbol of the orc tribe that slaughtered his parents.


Prism Bluesky

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