The Sneaky Crusades

The Beginning


Notes from first day of campaign (4/26/2015) (initial meeting)

Begin in Solace, Follow Baldor to the monastery north of Solace, Meet Saladdin, head abbot of the solace monastery.

Offers 1000 gold pieces, armor, and one magical item of choice if you do this quest.

Must retrieve the pinky of Bhartok from the monastery to the west of the city of crossing

160 gold pieces as downpayment

Meet Bubba — Soldier of Order of Majere in initial ranks of army heading to Que Shu — out to the front.

Armor for Hank the Snake – 25 gold — magic cloak with focus magic 50 gold pieces Istusi, they all buy supplies

Sergeant asks party to find missing soldiers, go to cave, fight 5 goblins. Free soldiers. Find Note in chest instructing goblins to scout for the sergeant babadook of the blue army.

Head back and find army under ambush, party decides to hide and kill soldiers from Rose army. Taken captive by the Kiri Blues.

Taken to head Sergeant of Kiri’s, he recognizes Istusi, buys the lie from Prism that they are scouts and tells them to go back to babadook.

Travel north for a ways off the main road. Set up camp in the forest and sleep



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