Your journey began with a letter.

You were coming home for the night when you happened upon a hooded figure resting in the door frame of your home. You could see the faint glow of red against a sharp nose as the stranger puffed the pipe he was holding. You couldn’t make out any other features.

The stranger asked your name, but before you could answer he shoved a letter into your hand, sealed with red wax and swiftly walked away, disappearing into the night.

Upon entering your home you open the letter to find the cryptic message

“I have a job, and I think you’re just the person for the deed. Meet me in the city of Solace in front of the Smith at sundown in a fortnight. I can make it worth your while” ~ S

You’re not quite sure why, but you decide to look into the offer.

The adventure begins with you waiting in the town square of solace near sundown.

Abanasinia is a series of feudal city states and lordships that form a loose confederacy throughout the area north of the Qualnesti forest, in the peninsula bordered by the straits of Schallsea and Newsea. There is an influx of refugees from Solamnia in the North and the Ergoth isle to the West. Both areas are experiencing great instability.

In the north of Abanasinia, in the cities of Que Shu and Crossing, a great multitude of refugees, mercenaries, and common folk have banded together. A chieftan named charletene has emerged among them. He hails from the order of the Knights of Solemnia — who worship the God Kiri Jolith. His radical ideology touts that a new holy state in worship to Kiri Jolith should be established in Abanasinia, and he has gathered the beginnings of a standing army from the hordes of dislocated refugees new to the land. Various lords and houses within Abanasinia have banded together to defend against Saladdin’s army. You find yourself embroiled in the middle of a series of holy wars with the lords of the land.

The Sneaky Crusades

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